Korea calls completion to 8,000 discard fuel stick of then handling

Korea calls completion to 8,000 discard fuel stick of then handling
The Chinese newspaper net round-the-world on-line news:Cite on the
3rd that central correspondent report way in Korea
said, Korea has already completed according to the American medium
8000 lack fuel stick of handle again, these fuel sticks can refine
weapon class needed for playing at least a pit Mao.

Korea before announcing this news, once threat said, if brush-off in
the United States carried on with Korea one by one
a negotiation, will extend own nuclear weapon machine database.

On October 29, toward checking the six-party talks No.2 negotiation
in Korea representative Li Gen(Ri Gun) become(Sung Kim)
 to hold to summit in New York and California and six-party
 talks special envoy gold in the United States respectively, but both
 parties don't bilateral talks one matter reach a
consistent opinion.Korea once announced to declare to send out a
warning to the international society on the 2nd, allusion
 if the United States not as soon as possible with dynasty the
 square carried on one by one negotiated, dynasty square will extend
its nuclear weapon machine database.

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