New generation treasure horse 5 fasten to expose

New generation treasure horse 5 fasten of new car test work just just orderly carry on, and start step by step uncovering camouflage, clearer carriage step by step comes into view and lately appear of a set of new generation treasure horse 5 fasten test Die to shine on to only have fore headlight and end of the tail bind camouflage, and whole before facial outline also gradually obvious, with before appear of guess the effect diagram is basic to fit together.Latest news proves, new generation treasure horse 5 fasten will show up in the beginning of next year.

As for local market, currently one the vapor Ao Di A6 L of that style of small have already become available in the market, the Chi new E's fastenning has already started importing domestic as well and compare and talk, China morning at produce of treasure horse 5 fasten obviously "the age leads Gao" already, and at and the Ao Di A6 the Ls battle out the competition of local luxurious car market in, treasure horse 5 fasten to also obviously fall behind opponent 1, according to the value of treasure horse to local market, consistently to China strategy, new generation treasure horse 5 fasten in the local hurl to produce time will close on the heels of after Europe become available in the market, probably most quickly will also will carry out next year synchronous domestic.

The treasure horse of new generation 5 fasten to have the Genevan automotive show to hope in March, next year up formally release.Shine on to up see from the Die, the ex- face shape of the new car occurrence variety, enter spirit barrier to become more narrow, the shape of headlight also took place variety, the whole lines of car then seemed to be a little bit much lower and shorter.Motive, X6 and 5 fasten the 4.4 L V8 pair of GT top usage increasing pressing the model already hope to become new 5 fasten of the crest go together with motive;Is similar to moreover 7 the hybrid motive for fastenning 5 fasten have already hoped to release as well.Gearbox part for 6 block to move and 6 block the Steptronic half automatic gearbox, come from ZF of 8 block an auto to anticipate will be also used.Hang part then will continue the ex- wheat Fu of cash lousy behind connect pole more.

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